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  • Flower emboss interior decoration leather

    Interior decorating synthetic faux leather with flower emboss

    Flower embossed faux leather is made for interior decoration. It seems like wallpaper, actually it is synthetic leather which is waterproof, scratch resistence, colorful and environmental.

  • Synthetic upholyster leather

    Synthetic leather for interior decoration with waving emboss

    Waving embossed synthetic leather is customized for interior decoration. It can replace the old fashioned wallpaper with its waterproof, scratch resistence, colorful and environmental features.

  • Seat cushion synthetic microfiber leather

    Seat cushion synthetic microfiber leather with irregular stone emboss

    Irregular stone embossed synthetic microfiber leather is designed for seat cushion which is named H6604. It's soft, scratch resistance, waterproof, sun-proof and ventilate.

  • Sheep Skin PU Leather

    Smooth Sheep Skin PU Leather

    This Pu leather is our new products since Sep,2017. As a modified sheep skin PU leather. The fabric backing cloth is made of soft silky velvet to ensure its quality is the same as Microfiber leather. This classic sheep pattern is widely used around world. The type of leather is stand out for its ultimate smooth and delicate touch even not be wrinkled. As a kind of artificial leather, the main reason why we make it as our featured product in 2018 is its stable production process and the feel is as similar as microfiber leather. Its application covers a wide range of areas, including embroidered bags, men and women shoes, wallets, clothing and packaging products and so on.

  • Litchi embossed furniture leather

    Matt mirror surface PU leather with geometry pattern for shoes and bags

    This product is our new PU leather since Sep,2017. It is suitable for producing both bags and casual shoes. Totally divided into 2 patterns and 14 colors.

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