• Diamond Pattern Embossed Pu Leather

    Diamond Pattern Embossed Pu Leather For Lady's Shoes And Purse

    Diamond pattern embossed pu leather both for shoes and bags. Touch it, you will feel stereoscopic. The combination of good pattern and stereoscropic hand feeling will make it a fashionable design for shoes and bags.

  • Mirror Surface Pu Leather

    None Crease Mirror Surface Pu Leather For Shoes

    The name of None crease mirror surface pu leather is H1061. It's widely used in may area, such as shoes, bags, belts, mobile cover .,etc. Different manufactures produce different quality things. This type of mirror pu leather has none crease and high peel strength features. Believe it or not, just have a try.

  • Scrub surface PU leather

    Scrub surface PU leather for shoes and bags

    The name of this scrub surface PU leather is H1058. It is used for making shoes and bags. It's commonly selled all over the world which could satisify REACH standard and CA65 standard.

  • Leopard surface faux PU leather

    Leopard surface faux PU leather design for shoes and bags

    The name of this leopard pu leather is Y044. This kind of leopard PU leather keeps up to date forever, everyone can see this embossed products in their life. Large stocks for this kind of leopard pu leather with compatitive price and ensured quality.

  • Laser mirror surface faux leather

    Laser mirror surface faux leather for shoes and hats

    The name of this leser mirror surface faux leather is Y078. It is widely sold around world. The reason for the hot sales is colorful design, fashion elements and no creases. It's commonly used in many products, such as hats, bags, shoes and belts.

  • Sheep Skin Faux Leather

    Sheep Skin Faux Leather Material For Lady's Bags

    The name of this leather material is H1027. It's a kind of sheep skin PU leather. This  kind of sheep skin faux PU leather is refer to dermal sheep skin to produce. It's enviromental and close to the feeling of sheep fur, very soft. Compare with dermal sheep skin, our sheep skin faux leather has competitive price base on good quality.

  • Snake Embossed PU leather

    2016 Hot Sale Snake Embossed Pu Leather For Wallet With Beautiful Color

    The name of this type of leather is H2076. It's 2016 New coming most fashionable snakeskin embossed PU leather for bags and wallet. Colorful design, wonderful hand feeling and competitive quality.

  • Nappa Skin Faux Pu Leather

    Nappa Skin Faux Pu Leather For Bags With Pearlite Color

    This leather is named H1022. As a never outdated element in fashion design for bags, nappa surface becomes common texture for producing. We develop pearlite color for Nappa PU leather to make it different as old fashioned Nappa and also make it more soft. A new process of Nappa skin faux leather is waiting for your choosing.

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