How To Distinguish Between Silk Screen And Digital Printing

Published : 2017-07-24 16:55:19

Welcome to the knowledge sharing class of Guangzhou Huaxin Leather Corporation. We didn't need a lot of words that I will share the theme of how to distinguish between the print pattern of textile and leather is silk screen or digital printing for you. Since it is mentioned, we will introduce the concept of silk screen and digital printing for you firstly.

First of all,we can learn more about the silk screen, also named screen printing. Its essence is to use the method of hand-painted film or optical drawing to make screen printing plate (including through-hole). It is now widely adopted that the use of photographic materials by the silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or leather and artificial leather fixed in the silk frame. With photo-plate method,the ink can form a pattern through transferring to the substrate by squeezing the scraper. 

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The second thing to introduce is digital printing which is initially used to print complex designs. Digital print using printer technology, the ink applied to the external force, the dye directly to the textile or leather surface, so that it spray through the nozzle to the formation of color points on the substrate. The color present a pattern after the printing process. Digital printing has an important technical indicator for the resolution (called DPI), which is same as the number of points per inch. There are also some different demands of definition when using different substrates. The picture is also very clearly until the resolution can up to DPI 180-360. You can adjust the DPI to 360-720 if you want to make the images higher definition.

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After learning the basic concepts of silk and digital printing, how to distinguish between the two and the main purpose of both? Your can find perfect answer as which is analyzed from all angles.

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1.Color Conversion
Screen printing: in general it will use four-color dot hit the color, press ink can control the color flexible. Certainly there is few instability when color conversion frequency is applied to the color changes of larger pattern ,color is also not so accurate sometimes.

Digital printing: Pigment ink adopt nanoparticles and the dye of the ink is soluble. It is accurate when printing complex patterns.

2.Pattern Drawing
Silk screen: The printed pattern will be three-dimensional if the ink layer is thick. You can feel the concavo-convex when strokes its edge of the pattern. It will make you more exclusive,also applied to clothes, packaging and other fields.

Digital printing: Because we use digital control ink to scan the jet, so the ink of color is balanced, the layer/pattern of it is flat which has no sense of concavity. It is applied to some cartoon patterns or images, landscapes, animals and other patterns printed on backpack of fabric or paper. The principle is similar as image scanning.

3.Color Fastness
Silk screen: The particles will be larger because of the method of soap and friction-resistant ink. Therefore,the silk will not fade by soaking when the clothing or packaging gift box after printing.

Digital printing: because we use the nanoparticles ink, the water will be faded after the light,dry and wet rub,there is still a big gap when compared with the color fastness and silk screen.

4.Color Emerge
Screen printing: You can print some metal color like gold, silver and pearl,even other special effects, such as crack effect, bronzing effect, suede treatment effect,etc.

Digital printing: All the colors are printed through red, yellow and blue with these three primary colors.
Light gold, light silver and other non-metallic effect of color can be printed because it couldn’t adjust the metal color.

Through this sharing, It is believed that there will be many people understand these two different ways of printing. I hope this article can help someone who need knowledge about this. For more information of this area of industry, please pay attention to our company You can also contact us by email if you want to find PU leather or PVC leather materials. The name of the email is Thanks for your reading.