Gucci Announces a Ban on Fur And Use Microfiber Products To Replace

Published : 2017-11-20 10:57:09

Welcome to the our sharing class of Guangzhou Huaxin Leather Corporation. This new chapter we share today is the theme about ‘Gucci announced fully abandonment of fur and use microfiber products as raw materials to replace’ since 2018.When it comes to this topic, we need to explain the concept of fur and microfiber products below.
1.What is fur?
Fur refers to the use of animal fur made of clothing, including rabbits, foxes, mink, tigers and other animals’ skin.
2.Why do people use fur productions?

Fur is regarded as a symbol of nobility from its emergence and development. The price of fur productions is very high according to the cost that people feed animals or hunt them. Fur production also can resist cold wind and protect body be warm.

 3.What is microfiber products?
Microfiber products is made of chemical synthetic materials which include PU leather, PVC leather and microfiber leather, such as bags leather, shoes leather, garment leather, cover material, auto material etc.
4.Why do microfiber leather can replace fur to producing accessories?
Microfiber leather is solvent-free and water-based production after production process updated and improved constantly nowadays. It imitate the constitution of fur and make it more similar as fur’s physical function.Whats more, regular shape (lots of fur is irregular shape and every fur products is different) and less wasting and environmental is the advantage of microfiber synthetic fabric.


With the development of people's awareness of the world and the changing concept of fashion, advocacy and actions for the protection of animals, people refer to use ‘No Fur Goods’. It’s also credit to the effort of International Animal Association which try their best to advocacy the hurt that human do to animal and environment.They also persuade fashion companies to shop using fur as raw material of their products. Now it start works, more and more companies began to reject to design new fur products, such as Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.Gucci also joined the ranks as one of the fashion companies that rejected fur products and announced all animal skins would be completely deprecated as raw materials since 2018. The substitution of furs for raw materials will be synthetic leather.

 The president of Gucci Marco Bizzarri made an announcement that it is cruel to harm animals and it is not mercy to use their fur to make clothes.The efforts of the Gucci brand director and the animal protection organization make essential effort to the promotion of this behavior.In response to this statement,Gucci auctioned of their remaining limited fur clothing and bags,shoes and so on through charity organization,and all the amount of money donated to the Animal Protection Organization, as a support for their work.As a response, the American Humanist Association is very happy about this which has already maintained close connection with Gucci to promote the impact of animals and the environment on humans over past eight years.Now, this effort has received the best return.

"Daddy, is mommy asleep?"

"Mother is locked up."Baby,let’s go, someone is coming. ”

Fashion is a diversified, which should not only be limited to fur. Many microfiber products such as PU material, PVC leather can also be a new fashion with the progress of the production process.It is hoped that more and more companies can join in the anti-fur industry. I also hope this day will come sooner without fur products.

 Editor message:Through this sharing article, it is believed that many people will not wear fur products anymore.
At the same time, with the progress of science and technology, synthetic fabrics become very
close to dermis. There will be more artificial leather including PU leather and PVC leather products to all of us to comply with this concept of environmental protection. Not only for the animals, but also for human!

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