Factory Strength

Guangzhou Huaxin Leather Corporation .,LTD

Our factory is located in China's Glasses Capital–Linhai, Taizhou, in the Linhai Medical Chemistry Park, covering 30 acres and having 300 employees working. We are committed to PU and PVC leather production for a decade, with a total of 10 dry and wet production lines, producing the leather of 1.5 million meters monthly, which meet the number of all your needs. We have the capability of independent innovation, able to develop appropriate products based on specific customer demands.

PU leather, as our featured products, has been widely used in production of men and women shoes, sports shoes, furniture, sofas, chairs, luggage, bags, documents, electronic packaging, gloves, etc., being exported to more than 50 countries around the world. While PVC is also mass-produced for furniture, sofas, chairs, household and engineering decoration, car accessories, gloves, and other areas, and exported to various countries in Southeast Asia.