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DE7 Elastic Leather

This is a classic plain embossed PU leather which has been sold all over the world for many years. It has good abrasion and scratch resistance with elastic cloth,which is widely used as suitcase leather, packaging leather, shoe leather, accessories leather, furniture leather, upholstery leather, toy leather, and many other usage. Trough the usage, you can see it has a widely range of application. 128 colors can fit your extremely strict requirements to color, and it will be definitely the right product for you.

Item NO : H2316 Color : 128 colors Original Region : Guangzhou, China Lead Time : 20 days

Product Details

Product Item: DE7 Elastic Leather
Item NO:H2316
Width: 1.38m
Thickness: 0.6mm
Cloth:Elastic Fabric
Color:128 colors
Meters/Roll: 45 meters/roll
Weight: 0.5Kg/meter
Transportation: FOB Guangzhou, China
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 meters

As a widely used leather, the color is complete the biggest characteristic of this kind of leather named H2316. This year we have added 50 new colors on the basis of original colors, thus reaching 128 colors. Every color has stocks. Classic DE7 emboss with elastic fabric, although thickness is thin but wear-resistant degree is same as similar products. For this product, we can provide both swatch making and stock supplying service.

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