You Need Fashion PU Leather Material Clothing

Published : 2016-10-26 09:42:45

Nowadays, Leather skirt become an indispensable fashionable clothing for ladies in Autumn. Tailored leather skirt shows themselves temperamentally. It’s quite simple and fashion to ware straitjacket inside and knitwear outside. Long tassel skirt leads the direction of fashion style. Soft cortex of material makes tassel skirt wave in wind, and colorful printing on PU leather material makes skirt more fashionable. It’s quite a good choice to wear leather skirt in autumn.

Brand: Tamara Mellon
Tasseled Chamois Leather Dress
Tamara Mellon cherry red tasseled chamois leather dress would makes you the noticeable focus point among people. Not only its bright color, but also its shoulder-straps design. The Chamois Leather tasseled design under empire line make the dress double waving style, it’s will show us a very sexy and dynamic visual. This colorful tasseled chamois leather dress can also fit for parties.
Chamois Leather Dress
100% sheepskin leather
Tasseled Chamois Leather Material Dress
Design: side seams pocket, backside zipper
Material: 100% Sheep Skin Faux leather Material(can replaced by sheepskin synthetic leather)

Brand: Saint Laurent
Polka-dot Pattern Leather Dress
Let’s look at this kind of polka-dot pattern style leather dress, designed by Saint Laurent.The rose pink color of leather combined with black polka-dot makes everything romantic and cozy. The streamline design of rose pink color makes you look younger. Combined with high wheel shoes will definitely makes you look like a star.
Design: Polka-dot pattern, backside zipper.
Material: 100% sheepskin leather(can replaced by sheepskin synthetic leather)

Brand: Acne Studios
V-neckline Leather Dress
Acne Studios deep V-neckline wine red leather dress is a very bold design. Sleeveless and V-neckline design combined with halving line show a wonderful stature. Ware a black primer shirt inside and this kind of dress outside will become a daily fashion dress up in late autumn or early winter.
Polka-dot Pattern Leather Dress
Faux Leather Material dress
Design: Side zipper, full lining.
Material: 100% sheep skin leather(can replaced by garment artificial leather)

Brand: Calvin Klein Collection
Glossy Leather Skirt
Calvin Klein glossy leather skirt is joint by many pieces of dermis leather. The streamline design of its side edge make it like ‘A’ mode. Tiny different color and different texture of dermis pieces combined with different shape size make this kind of skirt unique. The form of this skirt is like an oil painting which also feels like a work of art.
100% pu leather material
pu Leather Dress
Design: backside zipper, fastener.
Material: 100% sheep skin leather(can replaced by garment artificial leather)

These four fashion style dress or skirt listed above from different companies stand their designers’ idea to the fashion trend of 2016 autumn clothing. For more questions about raw material of leather, it’s welcomed to asked us.
PS: Material database refers to China Leather

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