Why Furniture Sofa Microfiber Pu Leather Is Widely Used In Our Life

Published : 2017-03-27 16:20:16

With developing of people’s living request, sofa became an indispensable household item. Now let’s discuss about the leather material for making sofa. Normally the leather of sofa fabric could be summarized into three types: textile fabric, dermal and artificial leather. In sofa artificial leather, it also could be divide into three types: PU leather, PVC leather and Microfiber leather.

Flannel fabric microfiber leather stands the highest level of synthetic leather producing. In recent years, the price of microfiber leather is going down quickly with the production increased and the competitive growth between more and more microfiber factories. The decreased price is a way to enlarge widely market for microfiber leather to instead of dermal leather to apply in all kinds of areas.
high quality Furniture Sofa Microfiber Pu Leather

On the other hand, with the lack of dermal leather and the improvement of environment standard, lots of dermal leather factory gradually closed because of the pollution and the market need the approximate material to instead of dermal leather. In this case, microfiber leather became a best choice to place dermal leather especially in making sofas, chairs and all kinds of upholstery products. In recent two years, microfiber leather became the first choice to make sofa, bed side, bolster and stool. The sales volume of microfiber increased quickly.
Furniture Microfiber leather material

Microfiber leather

Furniture sofa Microfiber pu leather is a very good products and even better than dermal leather sofa. So why do microfiber leather better than dermal leather? Let’s look at following advantages in detail.
Microfiber leather sofa

1.The Flexing endurance test of microfiber is generally same as dermal leather. The bending strength can reach 200,000 times without crack in normal temperature (77 Fahrenheit degree) and 30,000 times without crack in -4 Fahrenheit degree. In this way, it can shows microfiber leather’s low temperature resistance is also very good.
Litchi embossed microfiber PU leather

2.The texture and hand feeling is generally same as dermal leather. The tearing strength, pilling strength and tension strength can also reach dermal leather standard.

3.The breathability and hygroscopicity of microfiber leather are much same as dermal leather. For its transformation while soaking in water, it hardly changes its sharp unlike dermal leather. So that’s microfiber leather’s advantages compare with dermal leather.

4.The surface of microfiber leather is easy to clean when it has stain. The stain can be wiped off by ethyl alcohol or pure water with detergent. It could not be scrubbed by other organic solvent or alkaline reagent. What’s more, microfiber leather is much normative to produce and tailored, and also the available rate for making sofa is much higher than dermal leather.

5.Microfiber leather as the highest standard of synthetic leather, it can reach BS7176 standard to be fireproof which is better than dermal leather. It also could pass CA117 and REACH standards which are environmental.

According to the description of microfiber leather above, it’s easy to understand why microfiber leather is gradually instead of dermal leather. If you want to know more information about microfiber leather, welcome to chat with us.

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