Microfiber:The miracle fabric lether that cats won't scratch

Published : 2016-11-28 17:15:22

If you have cats, you would be worried about itself of jumping onto your couch and your bed, scratched your furniture with its sharp claw. As you know, you can’t always stare at your lovely cat and prohibit its behavior. It’s time to try new kinds of couch: The synthetic microfiber leather couch.

Seat cushion synthetic microfiber leather

Microfiber is a kind of synthetic leather, The hand feeling and physical property is almost same as dermal leather, the chemical property is even better than dermal as it has no frowzy under high temperature and no formaldehyde at all. However, it’s imitation leather, the ventilate property is worse than dermal. In the meanwhile, it’s also its advantage compare with dermal leather to make sofa not easy be scratched.

Besides being scratch-resistant, microfiber is fairly tough fabric. When your cats jump onto it, your cat will fling itself off the side. Finally, you would notice neither claw mark nor poke on it. If you have a cat in house, microfiber couch is the best choice for your purchasing.

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