How To Choose High Quality Pu Leather Material

Published : 2016-08-17 09:07:28

PU Leather with a high frequency in our lives, PU leather can be made into many things that we need things. such as can be made of fashion bags and shoes. iPhone case,mobile protective case and car seat cover many made from PU leather. Leather is so important in our lives, do you know how to choose high quality Pu Leather Material? Here we come to know in detail.
1.Feel the Pu Leather Material
Run your fingers and palm over the leather surface. Fake leather is too artificially smooth. Real leather can come in varying degrees of coarseness or smoothness but being natural, it is always a little uneven, somewhat irregular yet pleasantly warm to touch, like skin.
Real leather is supple and stretches in both directions. Stretch the material and you will see the pebble-like patterns disappear and come back when you release the material. Dig in your finger and run your fingernail over it, real leather scratches, wrinkles and regains original form slowly, like your own skin does under such treatment. Fake leather stays unaffected.
2.Smell the Pu Leather Material

Pick up the bag and sniff it. Fake pu leather is made from synthetic material and has a smell reminiscent of glue or plastic. Real leather on the other hand is real skin albeit treated and it has a distinctive ‘leathery’ scent.

PU Leather Material

The above content is about how to Identified what's real leather, if you have any questions you can contact us. Guangzhou Huaxin Leather Corporation .,LTD is a factory of production Pu leather material. Producing different types Pu leather, we provide cheap and high quatily Pu leather material, if you are interested in those please contact us quickly.

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