2016 All China Leather Exhibition Summary

Published : 2016-09-12 16:16:06

 2016 ALL CHINA LEATHER EXHIBITION (ACLE) was held at SHANGHAI NEW INTERNATIONAL EXPO CENTER for three days during August 31 to September 2 .


ACLE as the largest international exhibition in domestic raw materials of leather and attracted a lot of people in the leather industry and foreign buyers to negotiate naturally, since 1998.


According to the statistics, 1167 enterprises from 36 countries and regions attended ACLE. All exhibitors are the mostly leather producing countries around the world. In the main while ACLE also attracts some chemical companies, all kinds of leather related APP software and web sites, and design services provider, etc.

This exhibition is involved in the product classification and share of data displayed as follows:

This exhibition participating countries and exhibitors of leather materials data

This exhibition participating countries and exhibitors of data is as follows:



For artificial leather/synthetic leather industry, this exhibition's biggest bright spot is water-based and solvent-free synthetic leather began to promote gradually, more than 30 manufacturers participated in with actual product.Water-based and solvent-free synthetic leather refers to a kind of synthetic leather which adopts the resin that has no pollution to the environment (including water quality and emissions) during its production, together with paper into mold and bottom cloth, this synthetic resin is glued to the leather surface to form the base that becomes synthetic leather.The breakthrough in technology of Water based and solvent-free synthetic leather embodied in: 

1. It won’t bring any environment pollution.

2. There is no DMF by the pollution free production process.

3. The raw materials resin is harmless to the human body.

4. The leather products after degradation do not pollute the environment. The water-based leather completely fit with the EURO REACH standard, it has been gradually used in making sofa seats, car seats, wall decoration, shoes, etc. Now because of the high cost, this kind of environmental protection product application is still in its infancy, with improvement of life quality this technology will be the standards of artificial leather/synthetic leather industry and applied to life in a great extent.

This Shanghai exhibition ended on September 2nd based on the principle of innovation , Chinese government and enterprises will take this water-based/solvent-free synthetic leather as the focus of future study and development which will lead to a breakthrough or even promote product made by this technology into the world market.